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September 5, 2023

Anton LaVey was worse than you think

A cursory look at some of the Church of Satan founder’s politics and views

We often criticize The Satanic Temple, and for obvious reasons. They have been suing us for more than three years, and are at present the largest, most prominent, and most popular Satanic organization in the world. When a news org wants to get a quote from “Satanists” on a subject, TST is usually who they turn to.

When we’ve detailed the many ways in which the Temple’s owners are reactionary ghouls, this often prompts people with a cursory interest to say, “Wait, which Satanists are the good ones again? The Church of Satan?”

Black and white photo of Anton LaVey and Peter Gilmore standing, posing with a revolver and a rifle, respectively
Anton Szandor LaVey, left, and Peter H. Gilmore, early 1990s.

To the Church of Satan’s credit, to our knowledge they’ve never sued ex-members for criticizing them and don’t falsely promise pregnant people being a Satanist can help someone get an abortion with an religious liberty loophole. When folks buy a lifetime membership card or purchase a book associated with LaVey’s organization, they generally do understand accurately that they aren’t getting anything special in return.

But does that make them the “good ones”? Not exactly, and when it comes to the things Anton LaVey, Peter Gilmore, and other key figures have said and done when forming and representing CoS, the history with open neo-Nazis and fascists is quite awful, before even getting into the dogwhistles that your average “hail Satan!” atheist isn’t attuned to.

Indeed, even some more knowledgeable people have the general impression that the Church of Satan has always been mostly harmless and its founder just a bit of “goon” but otherwise unproblematic or even progressive.

In this article, we’re going to argue Anton LaVey’s lifelong flirtations with fascism and white nationalists in particular are actually quite bad and move him beyond the “wasn’t all that problematic” territory.

That doesn’t mean all LaVeyan Satanists are bad, or that they are even expected to agree with LaVey in matters politic. Over the past 20 years, being a LaVeyan has come to mean something different than it did in the 1980s and 1990s.

But the Church of Satan does not take the stance that their founder can be discarded easily with only his good ideas retained, so if you are being told that One True Satanism™ is restricted to the words and deeds of “The Doktor” himself, you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with his words, his deeds, and what he considered acceptable (neo-Nazis) versus beyond the pale (smoking weed).

Warning: This LaVey video and the caption will have all the slurs.

Brother Satan, I call forth this night all of your forces. Attain me and the elevation of the superior human animal, and the destruction of all those niggers, kikes, fags, wops, greasers, degenerates that are inferior and not as we are. We are superior.

Anton LaVey for “Speak of the Devil” (1993)

When this clip started making the rounds again in 2019, it was very disheartening to many a LaVeyan Satanist.

An apologist for LaVey would point out that this got left on the cutting room floor of Speak of the Devil: The Canon of Anton LaVey. The version with the slurs wasn’t the standard invocation; maybe it was even done as joke never intended to make it into the final cut.

The Church of Satan’s administrator Peggy Nadramia gave this explanation:

These pejorative words all refer to groups, collectives of people who care more about identifying with a victimized minority, than with being an individual and utilizing their own strengths to make their way in the world.

LaVey was not a racist. He didn’t use these words. He was goaded by the director to try a provocative scene that would make the point above in a sensational way. He didn’t think it worked, so it wasn’t used in the released version of the video.

Which as far as literal victim-blaming isn’t all that great, but, uh, speaking of context, you know that director that’s referenced as doing the goading, Nick Bougas? You know what name he also went by?

“A. Wyatt Mann.”

If you don’t know him by name, the image should make it clear you’re familiar with his work.

The Surprisingly Mainstream History Of The Internet’s Favorite Anti-Semitic Image

Mann was a kind of cut-rate R. Crumb with white separatist politics who drew dozens of similar cartoons in the late 1980s and early 1990s, many of which were published by the notorious white supremacist Thomas Metzger. The drawings, which typically blame blacks and Jews (though occasionally other minorities, gays, and feminists) for America’s failings, enjoy something of a cult following online amongst hardcore trolls and message board white supremacists, who can be very hard to tell apart.

“Thomas Metzger” would be former California Grand Dragon of the Knights of the KKK and founder of the violent white national group “White Aryan Resistance” Tom Metzger, by the way (rest in shit).

LaVey’s literal friendliness with literal neo-Nazis certainly didn’t start in the 1990s, either.

In this 2001 paper by Jeffrey Kaplan titled, The post-war paths of occult national socialism: From Rockwell and Madole to Manson, Kaplan talks about American neo-Nazi occultist James Madole and Anton LaVey’s warm, personal relationship with him in the 1970s, as made quite clear in letters between LaVey and one-time top Church of Satan lieutenant Michael Aquino.

This is a long excerpt from that paper with the underlying citations included to avoid any argument that something is being unfairly taken out of context. (Again, unredacted slurs presented below.)

But [James] Madole’s occultism was of another level altogether. Here, his florid imagination both reflects the occultist currents of the cultic milieu of his day and serves as a kind of archetype of imagined history in which the white race is credited with every achievement of human civilization. Best stated in his ongoing ‘New Atlantis’ series in the National Renaissance Bulletin of the 1970s, Madole outlines his conception of the past glories of the race and the chiliastic world to come. In his own words, Madole states that the series’ purpose is to ‘impart to ARYAN MAN both his immense racial heritage stretching back over ONE MILLION YEARS into prehistoric times and his forthcoming Divine Mission to create a higher type of humanity beside which mankind of the 20th century will appear as mental and physical anachronisms ’.31 Built of an idiosyncratic reading of history and such spiritualist sources as Madame Blavatsky and the theosophists, Madole writes:

This formulation was not new, but what was more important was that, unlike other antisemites of his generation, James Madole was not taken by surprise by the occult explosion of the late 1960s. Rather, he was a man ahead of his time for whom the new proliferation of religious experimentation was tailor-made. Pushing ever further into these explorations, Madole was quickly aware of the formation of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan (COS), and maintained an active and friendly correspondence with LaVey himself. Moreover, such explicitly racialist satanic organizations as the Detroit-based Order of the Black Ram, formed by the Michigan state organizer of the NRP, Seth Klippoth, may be traced to Madole ’s early influence; and it maintained close contact with him and his NRP throughout the 1970s.33

Interestingly, the Order of the Black Ram did not choose to make its connections to Madole or its racialist origins and intent part of its own official history, emphasizing instead only its connection to the Church of Satan. 34 The Church of Satan’s internal correspondence, however, is much more illuminating on the matter. This material well illustrates both the intertwining of occult and racialist belief systems and the transnational appeal of racialism’s occult path. The material is reproduced in Michael Aquino ’s unpublished history of the Church of Satan, in which he got his start in the world of satanism and where, before his break with Anton LaVey, he was a member of the COS’s governing Council of Nine. LaVey’s attitude towards Madole is instructive:

The N.R.P. headed by Madole, is composed largely of acned, bucolic types transplanted to New York. They spend their time getting jeered at in street demonstrations. Yes, the Nazis did it too, but they had a fresh approach. Nowadays swastikas sell books and movies . . . I know Madole personally, and have been to N.R.P. headquarters. Even have a card. They would do anything for us. So would [the] Klan for that matter. I do not endorse either, but acknowledge camaraderie from any source. Madole is actually a nice chap who is doing his thing. No need to fret over Hell’s Angel’s types. They will come in handy one day, whether they be American Nazi Party or Jewish Defense League.35

Anton LaVey

LaVey’s genial tolerance of Madole and the NRP was typical enough of the COS and of the wider cultic milieu, but at the same time internal efforts were begun both to co-opt the NRP and to distance the Church from overt associations with national socialism. The latter undertaking, in Aquino’s account, involved both LaVey and Aquino. The immediate source of their concern was the activities of Seth Klippoth in Detroit. LaVey had been apprised of the news that, soon after his resignation from the COS, Klippoth and other NRP activists brought their newly formed Order of the Black Ram to an Odinist gathering in Toronto that included representatives of Canada’s Western Guard and the National Socialist White People’s Party (Matt Koehl’s renamed American Nazi Party). Moreover, Madole made subsequent efforts through Klippoth and others to recruit COS members into their organizations.36 The result was an intensive round of internal correspondence that would define the Church of Satan’s, as well as the later Temple of Set’s, official position on Nazism.

It is important to note that neither Aquino nor LaVey saw German National Socialism and the figure of Adolf Hitler in a negative light. To Aquino, Mein Kampf, if read with the mental resolve to eliminate its references to antisemitism as a mere personality quirk of the Führer, is an unrivalled political textbook whose efficacy meets the primary satanic criteria for excellence: it and the governmental doctrines that were propounded under its blueprint work, for they ‘are the true essence of political power’.37 It is with antisemitism, however, that the COS parts company with Nazism:

Now you may understand why all avowed neo-Nazi groups are pariahs in the eyes of the Church of Satan. First, they know nothing of the true keys of power employed by Hitler. Instead, they glorify the anti-Semitism and the more ostentatious attributes of Nazi Germany which have been glamorized by Hollywood. Secondly, they openly champion Nazi Germany by name, setting themselves up publicly against the Auschwitz taboo. Thirdly, they propose 1930s solutions to 1970s problems.38

Michael Aquino

Aquino concludes with the accurate observation that these ‘Hollywood Nazis’ are regarded by most Americans as ‘refugees from a loony bin ’, and that, if their longed-for right-wing backlash did occur in the United States, they would be the first to be eliminated since an American Führer would appear in a business suit rather than a swastika armband, and would be touting the values of America in 1776 rather than Germany in the 1930s.39

LaVey himself endorses these sentiments, but reveals a more Machiavellian turn of mind. Based on his own experience with the NRP and its leader, LaVey sets out the foundation for much of the later interaction between the satanic and the national socialist worlds that would be so prominent a feature of the 1990s movement:

The N.R.P. is enamored with the Church of Satan. Their racist ideals are also worn on their sleeves and, I believe, are as removable as their armbands . . . symbolism and symbolism alone supplied their identity. That is how it is with most outlaw groups. There are only two ingredients necessary for their existence: a symbol and a scapegoat. The N.R.P. already has the swastika, but obviously is drawn to our sigil. They have the ‘Jews and Niggers’, but if properly propagandized could transfer their wrath to our enemies. How? Through just such extensions of propaganda as Occult Reich which have emerged from Satanic Rituals . . . [Their belief patterns are simple and we] are dealing with intelligence levels on which ideals and imagery are easily interchangeable . . . All my life I’ve been the weakling, [they think,] but with my swastika I am strong. My Satanic amulet gives me power. I’m not a misfit anymore, with pimples and a heart murmur and flat feet. What does it matter if I can’t play baseball or spell too good? So what if I can’t get a girl—I got my armband. . . Maybe we can get the C/S to help us defeat the kikes and niggers so America can be pure again . . .40

Anton LaVey

It is this desperate search for allies and acceptance in the face of nearly universal hostility and scorn that makes the national socialist enthusiasts under Madole such ideal candidates for recruitment into the satanist churches. In the event, LaVey proved prophetic, for this would be a major pattern in the milieu of the transnational radical right of the 1990s.

James Hartung Madole died in 1978. His mother Grace tried to keep the already nearly defunct National Renaissance Party alive for the last two years of her life, to little effect. In an irony that perfectly symbolized Madole’s life’s work, the last leader of the NRP died in a common street mugging and the organization ’s records were scattered to the winds over the blood-spattered highway.41

Yet it was Madole who did much to establish trans-Atlantic contacts, open new paths to national socialist beliefs, and keep the flame of national socialism alive in the bitterly hostile post-war years. His organizational model, not to mention the use of uniformed activists, predated Rockwell’s own American Nazi Party, and it is likely that much of Rockwell ’s early organizational structure was borrowed in toto from the NRP, through the defection of Matt Koehl among others from the NRP to the American Nazi Party.

It is true that national socialist occultism does not appeal to all national socialists, and even today is a minority trend in the world movement. But in the 1990s it is a vital and much travelled path, whereas, in the 1950s and early1960s, it was virtually unheard of —especially in the United States. Madole was simply decades ahead of his time, and his current obscurity is very much a product of this isolation.

31 Madole, ‘The New Atlantis’, part 8, National Renaissance Bulletin, July–August 1975, 5.
32 Ibid., part 9, National Renaissance Bulletin, March–April 1976, 4.
33 ‘James Hartung Madole’, 25–6. The events are described by Madole himself in the National Renaissance Bulletin, March and April 1974. A sample of Madole ’s early recruiting pitch to Church of Satan adherents is preserved in a letter to COS member Stuart Levine dated 17 September 1974: ‘. . . I am trying to find a small group of people [and] utilize their services in breaking some of our NRP officers and men into the more advanced concepts of occult philosophy’ (Aquino, 272). It is rather par for the course among American antisemitic leaders that at no time does Madole remark on the Jewish-sounding name of his correspondent, nor does his antisemitism inhibit him from taking Levine into his confidence.
34 ‘A brief history of satanism in Detroit’, in An Introduction to the Order of the Black Ram (Warren, MI: Order of the Black Ram n.d.), 1–2
35 Letter from Anton LaVey to Michael Aquino, 24 June 1974, in Aquino, 270.
36 Aquino, 269–70. On the Western Guard and other far-right movements in Canada, see Stanley R. Barrett, Is God a Racist? (Toronto: University of Toronto Press 1987).
37 Aquino, 271.
38 Ibid.
39 Ibid.
40 Letter from LaVey to Aquino, 5 July 1974, in Aquino, 271–2.
41 ‘James Hartung Madole’, 26.

The post-war paths of occult national socialism: From Rockwell and Madole to Manson by Jeffrey Kaplan (2001)

There is no shortage of these sort of connections. Heresy Labs’ (now-deleted) Twitter thread and the Trident Antifascism articles were quite extensive on other leading figures in the Church of Satan.

But none of this is a secret. LaVey’s closeness with Boyd Rice in particular is well known, and Rice likes to fancy himself a musician and artiste, but back in the 1980s and ’90s when he was working with LaVey and the Church of Satan, Rice was a lot less coy about all of this Nazi shit.

Rice’s longtime ties to other fascist and neo-Nazi figures and groups that occasionally resurface get him into trouble, but if it’s a surprise to people now, it sure wasn’t to LaVey when Rice was putting together the 8-8-88 neo-Nazi fest worshiping Charles Manson.

But in interviews with Rivera’s team, posed in front of a statue of the deity Baphomet and a swastika, they seemed largely unrepentant and apathetic to the public response. Peddling plainspoken hatred, eugenicist ideas and talk of eradicating an entire population for the sake of the few, their message was clear-eyed and terrifying, even if it was a performance for the cameras.

Boyd Rice, aka the Bay Area experimental artist NON, interviewed in rare footage.
Boyd Rice, aka the Bay Area experimental artist NON, interviewed in rare footage.

Hephaestus @ Archive.org / CC BY-NC-ND
“The entire world is rotten and corrupt … to us they're dead people who refuse to lay down, they're cadavers,” said Rice on camera.

This went deeper than trolly aesthetics, and it consisted of far more than just LaVey. See, for example, current Church of Satan Grand Nagus Peter Gilmore being an unabashed fan of James Mason’s collected writings in Siege.

View on Twitter

This book is a monumental achievement. Editor Jenkins took great care to assemble Mason’s writings, which had been published in his newsletter SIEGE from 1980-1986, into a coherent progression that charts Mason’s thinking on his National Socialist odyssey, from an explorer picking up from his predecessors to the sage with wisdom gained from working to make an effective revolutionary movement in the exacting arena of reality. Mason is most certainly a political extremist, but dear reader, as a Satanist you are also an extremist in the realm of religion and philosophy. This books offers great insight into the progression and evolution of an extremist movement here in the U.S. I found remarkable parallels between the types of individuals that Mason encountered in his field to those that I have experienced in the “Satanic scene.”

Even amongst his “peers” Mason became a loner as he comprehended the meaning behind the deeds attributed to Charles Manson, and thus founded Universal Order, a concept very much akin to the Satanic view of Man’s place in the cosmos. If you are a Satanist and have not gotten a sense on how your movement fits into American Society, look at this account of the the American National Socialist movement and learn. Mason’s writing is clear and filled with clarity.

This massive tome is graced with rare photographs of individuals, posters, and documents that are central to the issues covered. It’s design is elegant and monolithic, and quite easy to read. Here is the unvarnished thinking of an American radical offered up for you to judge as you see fit. If you are truly aware, this book will give you much to ponder, and if not, it could make a difference in how you view yourself and the world about you. Don’t miss it.

Peter H. Gilmore, reviewer

The Black Flame, Volume 4 (1993)

That sounds pretty bad, but it gets worse. The following is in the middle of Peter Gilmore talking (no doubt “apolitically”) about a need for increased eugenics policy, greater social stratification, and the end of all social welfare as official Church of Satan goals.

The now edited essay was originally written in 1992, so around the same time as Gilmore is praising James Mason’s Siege collection:

Satanists also seek to enhance the laws of nature by concentrating on fostering the practice of eugenics. This is not some exotic doctrine hatched in the brains of Third Reich medical madmen. It is the practice of encouraging people of talent and ability to reproduce, to enrich the gene pool from which our species can grow. This was commonly practiced throughout the world, as even a text on eugenics endorsed by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union can prove, until it was given a bad name by Nazi excesses. Until the genetic code is cracked and we can choose the character of our offspring at will, Satanists seek to mate the best, with the best. Satanists who know that they are defective refrain from reproducing.

Satanists are particularly disgusted by the extraordinary level of criminal activity which abounds today and thus advocate a return to the Roman Lex Talionis; let the punishment fit in kind and degree the crime. To achieve this, we would be pleased to see the institution of an elite police force, an American Schutzstaffel as it were, of men and women in peak physical and mental condition, trained in advanced techniques of crime fighting who would be truly equipped to handle the vermin that make so many of our cities into little more than concrete jungles. Man is social creature and makes his social contract with his fellows, thus rules of conduct are established to allow maximum freedom for individuals to interact. Disobey those rules and punishment must be swift and sure, and most probably public as well. This does not mean the incarceration of individuals in institutions at the expense of the victims for so called “rehabilitation.” No, these criminals must be put to some use, perhaps as forced labor to even clean up the environment that has so carelessly been soiled under the dominance of a philosophy that sees man as superior to other living creatures. Man is an animal, and must go back to acting like one, not soiling his own lair.

Read that bolded section again, then sit and think for a moment why someone who wants an “American Schutzstaffel” to hunt down “vermin” in disproportionately non-white cities might be attracted to a neo-Nazi like James Mason. Then remember that Gilmore is who is running the Church of Satan now.

To get back to James Mason, he is also a man LaVey personally thought quite highly of, apparently.

Signed copy of The Satanic Bible: “To James Mason - a man of courage and reason, a rare combination”

To James Mason — a man of Courage and reason — a rare combination. Rege Satanas!
Anton Szandor LaVey

Mason is a man called the the “Godfather of Fascist Terrorism” but also a pretty open child predator, eventually arrested on charges of possession of child pornography for nude photos of one of the 15-year-olds he was “dating”, although the plea deal ultimately didn’t include that in his conviction.

Mason was 40 years old in 1992.

Tweet by spencer sunshine @transform6789
Here's that picture of James Mason (Siege) with Peter Gilmore (Church of Satan) I've been looking for. Also included: Mason's underage girlfriend Eva and Gilmore's wife Nadramia

While LaVey personally may not have been aware of the child rape, he definitely knew about the white nationalist terrorism because, again, Peter Gilmore gave that positively glowing review of Mason’s Siege in The Black Flame.

Clearly LaVey — a man bothered by all sorts of things he never hesitated to complain about — wasn’t terribly bothered about that.

Or see Anton LaVey talking about ways in which fascism is good for keeping people in their proper gender roles.

On fascism

It seems apparent that Nazism and fascism sell. It’s too horrible to contemplate (smacks lips). I could write a book – and maybe will – on the repulsive attraction of tyranny. It would speak of aesthetic imperatives and Jewish doctors and lawyers who drive Mercedes and BMWs and latter-day hippies in VW Beetles and WASP Yuppies whose non-lives are perpetuated by every manner of techno-goody cunningly fashioned by sneaky Jap sub-humans. Of all things fascistic, even greater than the forgetfulness of past orthodoxies, the aesthetic of dominance is making its mark. There’ll be a lot more to come.

I won’t even get into the clichéd defense of National Socialism: “There were some important things which should be studied — we shouldn’t condemn the whole thing without extracting the worthwhile.” So what else is new? I think young people are doing a pretty good job of extracting the pay dirt from fascism. Unlike the hypocritical Yuppies, they’re plugging into what feels and looks and sounds good about it. No guilts, because they weren’t around at the time of World War Two. Their parents, most of whom weren’t around either, are the Boomer inheritors of post-war jitters and misgivings who had to yell “peace” and “love” until they were hoarse.

If a neo-fascist look – and outlook — makes for men who look like men and women who look like women, I’m all for it.

Anton LaVey in The Black Flame, Vol. 4 (1993)

As far back as The Satanic Bible (1969), LaVey’s idea of a blasphemous black mass may as well be the Republican Party platform under Nixon.

A black mass, today, would consist of the blaspheming of such “sacred” topics as Eastern mysticism, psychiatry, the psychedelic movement, ultra-liberalism, etc. Patriotism would be championed, drugs and their gurus would be defiled, acultural militants would be deified, and the decadence of ecclesiastical theologies might even be given a Satanic boost.

The Satanic Bible, “The Black Mass”

Before we keep multiplying examples, remember that Anton LaVey is also the same guy who looked at the viciously white supremacist, antisemitic, misogynistic Might Is Right by Arthur Desmond and said, “I could make a religion out of this”. LaVey did this while in the milieu of late 1960s San Francisco, so the exact opposite of “it was a different time” or “what do you expect from someone who didn’t know better?”

LaVey did know better, and he chose to go in this direction instead.

If you swim in the circles of white nationalism for a few decades, call your religion a “law and order philosophy“, seek the establishment of a police state to crush your genetic inferiors, oppose bodily autonomy for people who can become pregnant, and base what you’re doing on turn of the 20th century proto-fascism and Ayn Rand, you’re more than a little “problematic” and your ideas are likely poisoned at the deepest levels.

But if we need to multiply examples, then LaVey’s own actual ideology certainly gives you enough. Again, Might Is Right has plenty of absolutely explicit racism, antisemitism, and misogyny, and LaVey said, “What if we kept the underlying reasoning here but weren’t so explicit about it in these stolen passages or my worldview?” Not quite an aside: by the intellectual property standards of today, the plagiarism LaVey did with Might Is Right would probably literally have gotten him sued, but in the 1960s, copyright didn’t last as long (thanks Disney Corporation!). That’s how close and extensive the lifted passages are, though.

The pseudonymous Christian writer John Smith put together some short comparisons, but anyone who has read Might Is Right will recognize how LaVey padded out his “Book of Satan” section of The Satanic Bible with direct or sometimes only slightly modified quotes (“Open your eyes that you may hear, O! men of mildewed minds and listen to me, ye laborious millions!” becomes “Open your eyes that you may see, Oh men of mildewed minds, and listen to me ye bewildered millions!”).

The redefinition of explicit white supremacy to “mere” social stratification based on meritocracy seems to be a rather transparent version of the same thing. When Peter Gilmore has a low opinion of rap music and has a much higher opinion of orchestral music like Beethoven or chamber music, we can see what’s going on there even if he’s claiming it’s got nothing to do with skin color or ethnicity.

It seems impossible, but if anyone still reading is confused and thinks this is a defense of The Satanic Temple or generating sympathy for them, here’s where we point out that TST 2.0 brought in Shane Bugbee, Brian Werner, and Zach Black to help shore up their prank documentary’s credibility, and back in 2014, this is still how the split between Peter Gilmore and Boyd Rice was being talked about by the guy who founded the first Portland, Ore., chapter of TST:

Zach Black is a 38-year-old sushi chef in Northern California and a longtime Satanist. He started the Satanic International Network, the largest — though not the only — social media site for Satanists. He was a card-carrying member of the Church of Satan for nearly a decade, from 1994 to 2002. For the first few years after he joined, Anton LaVey was still alive. That made all the difference, Black says, and the church was much more “proactive.”

Black is one of a group of disaffected ex-Church of Satan members who believe Gilmore was never supposed to become the church’s next leader. LaVey wanted to pass the torch to a man named Boyd Rice, an artist and writer who was a close friend, Black says. “But he turned it down. He didn’t want to do it. I’m not sure why.”

LaVey’s estate went to Blanche Barton after she produced a handwritten will, purportedly written by LaVey, bequeathing all his worldly possessions, including the Church of Satan, to her. LaVey’s daughter Karla later sued Barton. She and the other LaVey children, Zeena and Satan, received the royalties from LaVey’s publications, while Barton took control of the Church of Satan. And then came Gilmore.

“LaVey would roll over in his grave,” Black says.

Yes, of the two it is better that after LaVey’s death Gilmore led the Church of Satan rather than Boyd Rice, but why was the American Front guy in the running for leadership at all?

You may also want to consider the defense Peggy Nadramia (who is also Gilmore’s spouse) gave in 2023 of LaVey’s slurs as being about “collectives of people who care more about identifying with a victimized minority” and compare that to Rice in 2020 likewise still calling himself “apolitical” and talking about victims:

Rice wearing “Victimhood is Powerful” T-shirt

Interviewer: To return to the “ Victimhood is Powerful” t-shirt, is there any connection between that and what you’ve mentioned before, William S. Burroughs saying that language is a virus?

Rice: No. That t-shirt was inspired by the #MeToo movement. Everybody wanting to be a victim: “Oh look, I’m a victim too.” There’s a certain segment of the population for whom being victimized is the ultimate form of heroism, and I don’t understand that. I guess it’s easy because how hard it is to be a hero, how hard it is to be brave and do something tough. But it’s easy to say, “Oh look at me, my life is miserable, but it’s not my fault. I’ve been victimized by this group or that group or men in general.” So I just took that from the old women’s movement slogan “sisterhood is powerful” and I thought, oh well today “victimhood is powerful.” Because as soon as you go on the internet and say, “I was raped,” everybody says, “Oh poor thing.”

In terms of politics, how much daylight is there between the Church of Satan and Boyd Rice anyway?

Truth be told, being able to get along with and support open neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and their ilk is often all that those people want — especially if you’re willing to muddy the waters by using their symbols while disclaiming you “really” mean it.

Anton LaVey, of course, did both.

From Burton H. Wolfe’s unauthorized biography The Black Pope:

[LaVey] wrote articles for his newsletter The Cloven Hoof and for a variety of publishers of books and articles, worked on his own books, taped some of his music for possible production, and took more and more time for research into his obsession with the idea that there had been a “Black Order” in Germany that had practiced such staples of Satanism as the Black Mass and had attracted Nazi leaders who adapted ideas from its members. Once that obsession of Anton’s began consuming him, and neo-Nazis bearing swastikas were to be seen in his house, I knew that the good times for Anton were on their way to hell on earth.

And from Blanche Barton’s authorized biography The Secret Life of a Satanist:

Selective breeding, elitist stratification, advocacy of polygamous relationships for breeding purposes, and eventually building communities of like-minded individuals are Satanic programs antithetical to the cherished egalitarian ideal. Since 1966, these subjects have become zeitgeist for any number of extremist offshoots, and it has finally become apparent that LaVey and the Church of Satan should be recognized as their progenitor.

Because his picture hanging in Moscow’s Museum of Atheism, his long-time use of authentic Nazi black magic ceremonies and symbols, and his early association with Zionist terrorists, LaVey has inevitably been linked with extremist groups of all kinds.

By the way, another long excerpt later from the same book makes it perhaps even clear that LaVey loved everything about white supremacy and Nazis down to believing there is a literal “genetic strain of Satanists” who ought to dominate a future police state against those considered their inferiors and wipe them out. LaVey just wanted this to be justified by something other than the standard racial categories the avowed white supremacists used.

When LaVey said, “Satanists are born, not made,” he meant this literally:

For now, isolation, abdication and stratification are LaVey’s proposed Satanic weapons against the ongoing Invisible War. LaVey has already given a name, Satanism, for the small percentage of the population that he feels are chromosomally different, and perhaps chromosomally resistant to the effects of control. Stratification is a magical process of purification – subtractive rather than additive. Says LaVey, “As the war progresses, and as population increases to an even more intolerable level stretching resources to impossible lengths, the strong will begin fighting for their very survival. That’s what we’re seeing right now. Society will become more and more stratified into the people who aren’t buying the bullshit in society and those who blindly follow where they are led. Satanists, freethinkers, are a burgeoning minority cause. We have an illness that needs to be recognized just like alcoholism, handicaps, addictive behaviors and AIDS. We suffer from a disease called independence – a pathological aversion to regimentation and institutionalism – which prevents us from getting ‘regular’ jobs and living a ‘normal’ life.

Instead of encouraging “proliferation of the weak,” LaVey feels it’s imperative to isolate and foster the emerging new genetic strain of Satanists. With the debut of The Compleat Witch in 1970 (later The Satanic Witch), LaVey presented his guide for selective breeding. In an August 16, 1971 article, “Evil Anyone?,” Newsweek captioned a picture of LaVey baptizing his daughter, Zeena, “…Building ‘a better race,’ ” and quotes Anton describing his Satanic goal as “the creation of a police state in which the weak are weeded out and the ‘achievement-oriented leadership’ is permitted to pursue the mysteries of black magic.”

Later, in The Satanic Rituals, LaVey included this directive to his followers: “Now it is the higher man’s role to produce the children of the future. Quality is now more important than quantity. One cherished child who can create will be more important than ten who can produce – or fifty [who] can believe!” In an interview from Fling, Anton vows that he would “enhance the growth of new, more intelligent generations, if I had the chance, by selective breeding. But this is so terrifyingly related to Hitlerism that usually I can’t even talk about it.”

We asked exactly what kind of Master Race he envisions, LaVey explains that the Satanic stratification and segregation he advocates is based on “ethics rather than ethnics.” “As I’ve said, I wish to identify, isolate and breed a new ethnic – one that’s been there all along, unrecognized, from the beginning of man’s existence. There have always been leaders, innovators, risk-takers among all cultures. These are the few, perhaps one-tenth of once percent, that lead nations forward, lead evolution forward. Satanism is the first time in history where a master race can be built of genetically predisposed, like-minded people – not based on the genes that make them white, black, blue, brown or purple – but the genes that make them Satanists. We need a forum from which to assert our culture. Any person I’ve ever met who’s accomplished anything in his life had a real disdain for his own ‘people’. Not that they hate Jews or Germans or Irish or Italians per se – just that they hate stupidity and herd mentality. They hate the idea of using any ethnicity as an identity. Some people that come from Jewish backgrounds, where Judaic traditions were really emphasized in the home, are the most rabid anti-Semitic people I know. And I don’t blame them. If they grew up in a stifling environment with professional Jews for parents or professional Catholics, I don’t blame them for running away, changing their names, completely inverting their lives and never wanting to see their parents again! That’s often how leaders are born.

That’s a lot to take in!

It was also something coming from the end of his life with his final romantic partner Blanche Barton writing, so you might could say that he developed into something worse with time but that shouldn’t reflect negatively on The Satanic Bible and LaVey’s initial productive period.

Except that as that very passage itself indicates, this eugenics stuff, police state, and reactionary political ideology goes all the way back to the beginning, and it’s not just restricted to cribbed passages from Might Is Right left unchanged.

Neopagan (and posthumously revealed child sexual abuser) Isaac Bonewits first published an account in 1975 about Bonewits’ days in the early Church of Satan in 1967. So this shouldn’t be taken uncritically, but it does align with things LaVey himself wrote and other people have said, and it shows just how far back this tendency of “far-right aesthetics with actual far-right sympathies” goes.

It wasn’t a late development; rather it was there in the community practically from the start. Bonewits relates:

These events and insights did not take place in isolation, though. Like many other Berkeley students, I was gradually becoming a long-haired radical. This caused increasing friction between the rest of the Church and myself. My politics then were basically left wing/anarchist with a mild dash of Nietzsche. Anton’s politics, and those of most of the central members, seemed to be quite a bit more conservative. They’d quote Nietzsche or Hitler or Rand and tell me what it supposedly meant. Then I’d give them what I thought of as a more humanistic and intellectual interpretation. The overlap between our opinions became increasingly smaller and I became increasingly uneasy about my fellow Church members.

Some were bringing authentic Ku Klux Klan robes and Nazi uniforms for the ceremonies. I was assured that the clothes were merely for “Satanic shock value” to “jar people from their usual staid patterns of thinking.” Then I would talk to the men wearing these clothes and realize that they were not pretending anything. I noticed that there were no black members of the Church and only one Asian, and began to ask why.

Isaac Bonewits

In Ruben van Luijk’s 2016 book, Children of Lucifer: The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism, the eighth chapter “Tribulations of the Early Church” talks about this explicitly; while stressing that the ethnically Jewish man born “Howard Levey” was not a Nazi himself, the reason LaVey liked Nazis so much was because LaVey agreed with them about so much:

In the decades that followed [the 1960s], LaVey would at several times retain friendly contacts with neo-Nazi and Right-wing organizations.178 The High Priest of Satan, when asked, mostly replied that the affinity between modern Satanism and National Socialism was primarily a matter of aesthetics. “The aesthetics of Satanism are those of National Socialism,” he once declared.179 But it seems plausible that more was at stake than mere aesthetic attraction to black uniforms and invigorating marching tunes. Fascism was, of course, another historical manifestation of the same current of anti-egalitarian critique that had been embraced by LaVey.

In fact, various motives can be discerned in the fascination by LaVey and many of his disciples for the Third Reich and its later scions. First, seldom made explicit but always present, was the obvious provocative potential of Nazism in the post-1945 West, which without doubt equaled or superseded that of Satan himself. Second, the National Socialists, and particularly the “Black Order” of the SS, were perceived by LaVey cum suis as powerful black magicians. Thus LaVey included a rite in his Satanic Rituals that was presented as originating with “the intellectual element of the budding Sicherheitsdienst”; in addition, he pretended in his authorized biography that he had been introduced firsthand to the esoteric secrets of Nazism during a visit to Germany directly after the end of the war.180 Aquino, likewise, went to the former ceremonial center of the SS at Wewelsburg to do a magical “working” that revealed to him that the human spirit was in fact “anti-natural”—and although he knew and condemned the concentration-camp labor involved in constructing the SS castle, this did not prevent him from considering Himmler and consorts as genuine and powerful magicians.181 In the third place, the National Socialists were often brought up by LaVey and Aquino as prime examples of political manipulators, masterful architects of a movement that had gained immense political power by effectively playing the darker chords of the human psyche. Thus The Satanic Bible spoke of the “madness of the Hitlerian concept” but expressed admiration for Hitler’s idea to gain German loyalty through a program of “strength through joy.”182 This, one suspects, is where LaVey located the true magical prowess of the Nazis. It is also the point at which they could serve as a model for himself and his Church as powerful “movers” behind the scenes. For this reason, probably, LaVey included Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg among his list of “Satanist conspirators.”183

Yet the most important reason for LaVey’s affinity with the National Socialists remains without doubt the ideological resemblance they displayed on many points. Both criticized the equality concept of the Western Revolution; both propagated a radical form of (pseudo-)Nietzschean and social Darwinist ethics; both envisioned a society that moved beyond Christianity. This was where LaVeyan Satanism and (neo)Nazism could find common ground in a more fundamental way, and this forms the background of the persistent flirtations of LaVey with Nazism—a flirting that never evolved into unqualified identification, but went beyond mere provocative posing or “tongue-in-cheek cultural critique,” as some apologetic scholars have suggested.184

  1. See the correspondence in Aquino, Church of Satan, 378–380, where the National Renaissance Party is mentioned by
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    were interested in LaVeyʼs church still have to be explored by scholarly historiography. Jacob C. Senholtʼs “Radical Politics
    and Political Esotericism: The Adaptation of Esoteric Discourse within the Radical Right,” in Contemporary Esotericism, ed.
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  2. LaVey cited in Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind, Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground
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  3. “Die elektrischen Vorspiele,” LaVey, Satanic Rituals, 106–130. In one of his essays in Satan Speaks, 70, LaVey claimed that
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  6. LaVey, Satanic Bible, 104. LaVey was evidently not aware of the low regard Hitler actually had had for Rosenbergʼs ideas.
  7. Petersen, “Carnival of Dr. LaVey,” 176–178.
Children of Lucifer: The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism by Ruben van Luijk (2016)

So The Church of Satan spent decades after the era Bonewits described spawning white nationalists and trying to court more white nationalists while never being that attractive to non-whites and being overwhelmingly male. The criticism is not just a grudge from a single person or one videotaped statement taken out of context; it is substantial and it seeps into everything.

It fits within this whole context where people keep saying, “Satanism is an apolitical religion of the individual!” and then official figures within the church will talk nicely about fascism with the only criticism being “it’s collectivist” — which if you’re one of the people fascists want to exterminate is not really the first or intermediate criticism any of us are that concerned with. We know to stay away from people who talk like that. Whether they want to eliminate us from the perspective of individualist egoists or as part of a mass movement is irrelevant.

In fact, when the issue is whether you should be eradicated or not, it turns out it actually doesn’t matter that much if the person wearing the symbols and talking about it “really” believes it, is just going along with their friend who does, or they think it’s a fun way to provoke and troll people.

LaVey earned criticism by doing some variation of this very schtick for many, many years.

Look, this isn’t even close to exhaustive because that would probably require its own book, but the point is that what Peggy Nadramia of all people has to say now about LaVey slinging racist slurs is not the most important or clarifying thing.

Yes, these things Anton LaVey, Peter Gilmore, and the Church of Satan’s official organs have said over the years are not necessarily reflective of every LaVeyan Satanist, certainly.

But they are reflective of something.

That clip of LaVey saying racist things at the direction of a white nationalist caricaturist is reflective and even representative of LaVey’s values, mores, and the company he kept for decades — and not just him personally but for numerous official Church of Satan projects that were presented as official works of him and the church.

From the outside, it seems rather baffling for LaVeyans to have it both ways.

Not every LaVeyan Satanist necessarily agrees with these sorts of reactionary political and cultural statements, and in fact most would probably claim the exact opposite. But when certain members of the Church of Satan tell others that to be a True Satanist™ is only to follow the religion set out by Anton LaVey and interpreted/represented by the Church of Satan, that includes stuff like all the examples above, below, and more not included.

At the very least, a LaVeyan Satanist should be able to acknowledge what is going on and suss out euphemisms and logical conclusions rather than acting like anything not spelled out isn’t there — even though plenty is quite explicit.

If you claim no other version of Satanism exists other than what Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan invented and have said about Satanism, it seems self-evident that what those key figures have said and are saying is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, how do we understand what Satanism is and stands for? This is the authority we’re supposed to be consulting and bowing to in our religion of the individual, right?

The alternative is that the Church of Satan doesn’t matter, Peter Gilmore doesn’t matter, nothing LaVey said or did after 1969 matters — only The Satanic Bible matters and we are each to interpret it anew for ourselves. But even for these types, it seems that if you interpret the book differently from the current Church of Satan, then you’re wrong and doing it wrong.

That’s very hard to square for most people.

Ultimately, some sort of “sola scriptura” view of The Satanic Bible feels awfully Protestant and we still have to ignore the plagiarized passages of Might Is Right in the “Book of Satan” section and pretend like they have no external context either. It just doesn’t seem worth putting that effort in to salvage in that way. Maybe only true elites of society are chromosomally different and therefore are willing to do that, but it’s not very compelling to the rest of us mere mortals.

As an alternative way of handling all of this, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon may have been the first person to declare himself an “anarchist” but no anarchists today (or really ever) have been terribly constrained by Proudhon’s writings or views. An anarchist can read Mikhail Bakunin, can like a lot of the stuff he wrote, acknowledge his enormous enduring influence, and still can understand that Bakunin’s works and life are no more than one person’s experiences and view of the world. Anarchists can, or at least should, freely admit Bakunin was an antisemite. “We follow ideas, not men. …We reject the habit of incarnating a principle in a man,” as Errico Malatesta wrote, expecting no one to feel constrained or beholden to him as an individual, either.

Anton LaVey can matter to you, and his writings that found you a crucial point in your development can still inform or inspire some aspects of your life today, but you ought to be able to admit that he had a ton of reactionary prejudices that formed his worldview. You ought to be able to admit these are represented in all of his writings and core beliefs in a way that was a problem for Satanism and is an ongoing one (e.g. you cannot say Satanism is “apolitical” but also a law-and-order philosophy and further perhaps we should have “an American Schutzstaffel” to stamp out vermin in cities who listen to low-class music like rap.).

When someone tries to “whatabout” LaVeyan Satanist critics of The Satanic Temple, clearly they are not concerned with anything real except keeping TST members in the fold and terminating deeper thoughts about their own founders’ long history of bigotry.

But the impression given, again from the outside looking in, is that LaVeyan Satanists believe “there are not multiple strains of Satanism, only this one thing because we — LaVeyan Satanists who agree with the Church of Satan’s party line — are the authority on and who define it… just do not look too closely at the history of this supposed authority or interrogate it too much because repeating the words of these key figures back is an attack.”

Criticism of LaVey and the Church of Satan as an official entity should not feel like an attack on any LaVeyan Satanists so long as they’re keeping that critical distance between their self and this external thing they partway support. But this distance collapses if what’s being said is, “There is only one Satanism, and we’re it. Just read LaVey and this official Church of Satan statement to understand.” That is the impression an outsider gets an awful lot.

Let us close by multiplying yet more examples of LaVey’s own statements since it’s notable how open he was about some of this stuff, and because Satan Speaks! in particular really is that awful, bearing in mind that we’re not even touching the piss-panty fetish, no-bathing, and smellz stuff:

“Man,” LaVey said, ” has a demon within himself which must be exercised, not exorcised,” and his church, he believes, is a place where man can exercise his demon, channelling it into a ritualized hatred that finally absorbs the hatred itself.

LaVey added man cannot control his aggressions and hostilities until he faces up to them, admits they exist, then puts them to work in an unashamed pursuit of what he wants — be it emotional, sensual or material.

“Actually,” he chuckled, “it’s just Ayn Rand’s philosophy, with ceremony and ritual added.”

LaVey says his philosophy seeks a return to law and order and the ultimate arrival of “a benign police state which will come about because it will be so desperately needed that man will demand it.” Then, he envisages, “civility, good manners and courtesy will return, and emphasis will be placed on achievement and worth, rather than on sanctimonious lip-service.”

Now then, is that so scary?

Los Angeles Times, ” ‘Head Satan’ Speaks — to Set the Record Straight” (July 17, 1970)

He [LaVey] started railing against the predominant notion that Satanists are child murderers or that they sacrifice animals. He himself has always preached against such practices, he said. He despised the assault on public order: “The police force has to take care of people without conscience; in fact there’s very little conscience left. I’m not advocating a benign police state exactly, but there’s a need for certain elements of control. There has to be tyranny. If you don’t want to call it tyranny, call it rational stratification. The alternative is chaos and anarchy, savage and bestial. If this sounds fascistic, so be it.

Rolling Stone, “Symphony for the Devil” (1991)

A lukewarm defense of Anton LaVey is that most of what he wrote and said is inoffensive and actually just really boring.

This is not even a statement on his politics. The guy just was not that interesting or good of a writer outside of the one trick he figured out: pissing off Christians by claiming the devil’s side.

But his “apolitical” politics do sneak through all along, especially in his late works that began to scrape the bottom of the barrel, such as The Devil’s Notebook, published in 1992 which is a scattershot of grumpy old man opinions you could find any bar on a weekday:

Let’s face it — most people are locusts, part of a herd. Herd behavior suits them, and they thrive on it. Through chromosomal and conditional cloning, they cannot be otherwise. The solution is a new kind of ghetto, with its regulations, restrictions, status symbols, incentives and benefits tailored to its inhabitants’ needs. Above all, however, it must not be called a “ghetto,” even though it occupies most of the land. Mongrelization has produced a very large ghetto, but ghetto it is.

The Devil’s Notebook, “Space Ghettos”

Vandals, those who destroy and deface objects and property other than their own, should, when apprehended, be destroyed, or at least punished in a fitting manner. If a painting hanging in a museum is slashed, the perpetrator of that act should be eviscerated. If paint is used to deface, the defacer’s countenance should be permanently dyed in an irregular and repellent manner. If a carefully tended shrub or plant is wantonly ripped up by the roots, the culprit’s arm should be ripped out of its socket.

No one has the right to harm or destroy another’s belongings. Vandalism is seldom motivated by profit or revenge, but simply an urge to destroy. Those who indulge in gratuitous destruction show the same degree of respect for inanimate things as they do for themselves. They cry out by their acts to be destroyed.

Vandalism has for too long been paid scant attention, simply because, “after all, it’s only a tree or statue, windshield, schoolroom, or theatre seat.” It’s assumed these things can be repaired or replaced, unlike crimes involving bodily harm. But the value of a painting which has been slashed should be recognized for more than its monetary worth. Inanimate though it is, the painting contributes far more to others’ pleasure — and life itself — than does the living creature who defaces it.

The Devil’s Notebook, “Destructive Organisms”

Then it’s tough to pin down when the essays from this posthumous collection were actually composed, but the following is Anton LaVey as represented in Satan Speaks!

Indications are everywhere that we, as Satanists, have an affinity for certain elements of both Judaism (unrealized and unspoken) and Nazism (recognized and spoken)–presumably incompatible. Many factors are involved:

The aesthetic of Nazism is grounded in black. The medieval black magician, usually a Jew, practiced the “Black Arts.” The new Satanic (conveniently described as “neo-Nazi”) aesthetic is spearheaded by young people who favor black clothing, many of whom have partially Jewish backgrounds.

They are not “Jews,” however. Most have never been inside a synagogue. Nor are they Holocaust aficionados.

Through the medium of rock and roll, all white kids have taken up, without realizing it, a black cultural identity, one otherwise alien to them. Blacks are where they are today because whitey insisted on being part black, no other reason. If there is a “White Power” movement today, it’s because of things getting out of hand.

If being a Satanist means being rooted in Judeo/Nazism, kids who are on the outside looking in will find it attractive to the extent that they will forge a pedigree, if necessary

The same essay closes:

It will become easier and more convincing for any Satanist to combine a Jewish lineage with a Nazi aesthetic, and with pride rather than with guilt and misgiving. The die is cast with the vast numbers of children of mixed Jewish/Gentile origins. They need a place to go. They need tough identity. They won’t find it in the Christian church, nor will they find it in the synagogue. They certainly won’t find acceptance among identity anti-Christian anti-Semites who use noble, rich, and inspirational Norse mythology as an excuse and vehicle to rant about the “ZOG.” The only place a rational amalgam of proud, admitted, Zionist Odinist Bolshevik Nazi Imperialist Socialist Fascism will be found–and championed–will be in the Church of Satan. Say! That’s not a bad sounding name for something! “The Church of Satan!”

Satan Speaks!, “A plan”

And you can look at that and say, “See! It’s proof that The Doktor didn’t hold antisemitic views!”

But it isn’t exactly biased to read that and think that a dude who hung around with Nick Bougas and worked on multiple projects with him, who surrounded himself with swastikas and people who wore them, who had an understanding of Nazism apparently that fucking surface-level, and thought rock music making white kids “too Black” which was the reason for the white power movement — it isn’t biased to assume that guy had a lot of really shit ideas about race and racism in a way that makes that initial video clip more representative of the man’s life and biases than the Church of Satan is comfortable with facing up to now.

A few more:

The essence of Satanism is in the answers and solutions evoked by the THIRD SIDE–the lower point representing the sword plunged into the earth, the bread of wisdom seen on the goat within the inverted star.

It is invariably a third side that is overlooked in every issue and endeavor, from abortion to gun control. The third side can be the crackpot stuff of conspiracy theories, or it can be the most logical and simple, yet deliberately neglected conclusion.

For example, the science of eugenics provides solutions for the issue of abortion. Satanically speaking, I am against abortion. Yet I do consider a problem of overpopulation. Therefore, I advocate compulsory birth control. Unborn babies did not ask to be conceived. Once conceived, they should have loving, responsible parents, even if adoptive. A stupid, irresponsible woman should not have the right to “decide” what she does with her own body when in all other things, her mind is being controlled by impersonal vested interests. An unborn child’s father should influence the outcome of a pregnancy if it can be determined that he is more responsible than the mother. If he is stupid, insensitive and irresponsible, he should be sterilized. Irresponsible parents, male or female, should simply be kept from conceiving children.

Satan Speaks!, “The Third Side: The Uncomfortable Alternative”

The point to be made here is not one of right or wrong, good or evil, but of Third Side Satanic awareness. In 1934, after negotiating with Zionist leaders, Josef Goebbels had a special commemorative medal struck, bearing the Swastika on one side and the Star of David on the other. Many such “inconsistencies” are cited in Lenni Brenner’s Zionism in the Age of the Dictators. This is not intended as any sort of revisionism, but Satanic food for thought. The strange alliances which accompanied the development (and growth) of Israel could fill several volumes alone, not including many other seeming inconsistencies in Nazi machinations.

What’s a little holocaust among friends? The Holocaust needs no revisionism, when one considers the Satanic Third Side, Oberkommandos notwithstanding. Japan “lost” the war, but seems to be making out just fine, thank you, though Port Chicago and Nagasaki were holocausts of a different variety. (Did you know that the inventors, designers and builders of the atomic bomb were almost all Jews? They were from many countries; Germany, Italy, Denmark—and they were “allowed” to “escape” to the U.S. to do the job, rather than work in Germany. Even the Air Force bombardier who sighted in and actually released The Bomb was Jewish.)

The first time I read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, my instinctive reaction was, “So what’s wrong with THAT? Isn’t that the way any master plan should work? Doesn’t the public deserve—nay, demand—such despotism?” What we see around us now proves it beyond a doubt, just as Orwell, McLuhan, and Mander projected, and Spencer long before them. Both Perry London in Behavior Control and Roger Price in The Great Roob Revolution drew up the blueprints. What is “tyranny”? Despotism? Is it all so bad, if so attractively packaged that it’s demanded? Does the mental capacity and general wellbeing of the public not thrive under it? I see no great mass of freethinkers around ME. Where are they hiding? Certainly not on a drill field of trendiness.

Getting back to the Jews: was not Torquemada, the father of the Inquisition and original Jew buster, himself of Jewish origin? Think about it.

Satan Speaks!, “The Jewish Question? Or Things My Mother Never Taught Me”

Satanism as a mass movement can maintain a Pythagorean standard—a Golden Mean—of aesthetic classicism that could last for a millennium.

I am the arbiter of that aesthetic. It celebrates a distinct difference between genders, encouraging heterosexual continuance of the race, yet devoid of changing fashion. Birth control and eugenics must be dealt with, independent of aesthetic. Inasmuch as all standards of all religions are by decree, I place myself among the priests and rabbins who proclaim aesthetic standards. My qualification for the establishment of a Satanic aesthetic is my ability to produce and perform in that capacity. Let he who would challenge me produce his superiority in those realms.

Satan Speaks!, “The Death of Fashion”

No gods, no magisters.

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