Frequently Asked Questions

The stuff we get asked all the time

Q: But I heard a judge dismissed the case. Why are you still asking for money?

A: The judge dismissed all the lawsuit back in February 2021, but only the defamation was dismissed with prejudice, so TST chose to re-file in March 2021 on even flimsier pretenses. Because this is a SLAPP, and that’s the whole point.

Q: Can I know even more about The Satanic Temple, its owners, how they’re structured, and this very lawsuit?

A: Boy, you sure can.

Q: Can I see all the court documents for myself?

A: Absolutely. You can user PACER yourself, use CourtListener for some of them for free and pay for others, or use the site where other heretics are hosting everything

Q: What’s a “SLAPP”?

A: It’s a “strategic lawsuit against public participation”; Last Week Tonight with John Oliver did a good job breaking it down accessibly while talking about being targeted by their own SLAPP. Just, they have that HBO money.