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June 7, 2024

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[INFORMED DISSENT] The Satanic Temple Inc. v. Newsweek Magazine LLC

More filings in Newsweek lawsuit

CourtListener docket

We don’t really see anything new in the new filings; it just seems incredible that TST’s argument is “Yes, Jinx Strange heard people talking about their experiences in TST and told Newsweek, and yes, Newsweek quoted him accordingly, but everyone else is lying according to us, and therefore it’s defamation.”

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[Snake Oil] Oklahoma religious credit goes forward

Oklahoma public school students could soon earn credit through ‘Satanic Temple Academy’

Given that Alliance Defending Freedom is a conservative Christian advocacy group, we asked them what they think about the temple being allowed to give religious instruction.

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[Snake Oil] Freedom From Religion Foundation announces Colorado plans

FFRF, Satanic Temple plan to distribute materials in Park County, Colo., schools

Who the fuck is left in Colorado on TST’s side to take part in this?

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[Permanent Shittening] Ongoing recap of TST’s Memegate 2024 schism

More Ministers kicked out, Satanists of Color Coalition disbands

Citlali Soona announces SoCC formed in 2020 as part of backlash to TST’s lack of response to George Floyd protests is no more.

Compare with Black former TST member Schwarzer Teufel of HelLA in explaining their issues with TST and worries of tokenism in 2018.

We also had a good laugh remembering how the SoCC was originally announced in September 2020, after months of membership pushback to TST’s “don’t say anything about George Floyd or policy brutality” policy finally couldn’t hold.

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