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The Satanic Temple has been suing us since April 2020, and we are still here.


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Guest Article

Footnotes to The Atlantic’s: “A Satanic Rebellion – Social justice collides with the Satanic Temple”

In early October, The Atlantic‘s staff writer Helen Lewis finally published a story about the fallout from Doug Misicko a.k.a. “Lucien Greaves” taking a chummy photo with his friend the “anti-woke” sex pest and disgraced atheist “firebrand” David Silverman, most notable now for his anti-trans views. Unfortunately, Lewis is basically your bog-standard TERF Island journalist, […]

November 8, 2023

logo from 2019 re-design of The Atlantic

Footnotes, The Satanic Temple

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Footnotes: “Why we left The Satanic Temple”

Many people have been harmed and otherwise mistreated by The Satanic Temple over the years, especially those who once considered themselves members. This is not just by the national organization in Salem, Mass., but by all of the local organizations set up to be part of the base for the pyramid structure that funnels power […]

June 8, 2023

Survivor bias plane diagram

Community, Footnotes, Lawsuits, The Satanic Temple

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Footnotes: The Satanic Temple in the courts

Doug Misicko and Cevin Soling on the record in court depositions and testimony The following are the available court depositions of Doug Misicko (a.k.a. “Doug Mesner”, “Lucien Greaves”) and Cevin Soling (“Calvin Soling”, “Malcolm Jarry”) in matters concerning “The Satanic Temple”, which alternatively means the for-profit United Federation of Churches, LLC, dba The Satanic Temple; […]

July 5, 2022

Footnotes, Lawsuits, The Satanic Temple

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Footnotes: “The Satanic Housewife” videos and legal threat by The Satanic Temple

A former member of The Satanic Temple made TikTok videos critical of the Temple and myths of its abortion-access loophole. Then, TST threatened to sue her.

June 20, 2022

Abortion, Footnotes, Lawsuits, The Satanic Temple

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Footnotes to iilluminaughtii’s “Is The Satanic Temple Really An Arbiter for Justice?” Corporate Casket video

The Satanic Temple has been called the ‘scientology for mall goths’. While they claim to be different, helpful, and progressive, the reality is far darker and potentially even more sinister. They use church money for personal funds, allow sexual assault to occur under their watch, and mislead people about how much they’re willing to help […]

May 28, 2022

Footnotes, The Satanic Temple

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Footnotes to Newsweek’s “Orgies, Harassment, Fraud: Satanic Temple Rocked by Accusations, Lawsuit”

Last week, reporter Julia Duin filed her story that involved interviewing us about being sued by The Satanic Temple in federal court and some of the other complaints from previous members about TST’s pattern of behavior.

November 4, 2021

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Footnotes, Lawsuits, The Satanic Temple

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