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The Satanic Temple has been suing us since April 2020, and we are still here.


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June 16, 2023

Queer Satanic at Trans Pride Seattle 2023

OK, now that there’s exactly a week left, we should go ahead and announce that we’ll have our own table at Trans Pride Seattle 2023: Ten Year Anniversary!

We’re partnering with Art of Kelly Dean Verity who is the veteran here in terms of setting up these sorts of things; Verity will be working live on a brand-new painting as well as showing off some of what they offer Patreon subscribers.

We’ll have our usual red-stamped zines out as well as flags and stickers we’ll be giving out in return for donations to our legal defense. We may also have some fun new stuff, but that’s still being worked on.

(Remember, you can always print our zines directly off our site via queersatanic.com/zines and ask us for sticker designs to print yourself if you have that capability, but please support us as much and as often as your can and don’t sell anything we make.)

Please come by and say hello!

Moreover, we’re still being sued by The Satanic Temple in federal appellate court and now King County Superior Court.

TST is also still suing Newsweek and its reporter (but maybe not her anymore!) for writing about us. In addition, the Temple is now suing a TikToker in Texas for talking about our case.

Update: It was lovely

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