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The Satanic Temple has been suing us since April 2020, and we are still here.


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What’s Left of the South pod Ep: 107 “The Satanic Temple is NOT your friend” w/ Queer Satanic

(Formerly dotprole) Southern working-class podcast from a leftist perspective. We talk about current issues affecting Southerners, Southern history, and we make fun of Yankees! Our friends at What’s Left of the South pod had us back on to talk about how The Satanic Temple is not actually able to help people get around state laws […]

February 18, 2024

Logos for Queer Satanic and What's Left of the South podcast

Community, The Satanic Temple

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Hail Lucifer, The Light-Bringer: A Queer Satanic Benefit Show

Lawyers are expensive, but benefit shows are fun. “Hail Lucifer – The Light-Bringer” will be a rock show Saturday, Aug. 19, at Left Bank Books in Seattle to benefit the Queer Satanic Heretics. DETAILS BANDS Hurry Up Snufkin Dead Sonics Molotov Juicebox Other stuff We’re also working on having some local artists present, such as […]

July 19, 2023

Community, Lawyers Are Expensive, Queer Pride

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Sabot Media’s Molotov Now! Ep 6: Interview with Queer Satanic

A podcast about taking action Our friends at Sabot Media had one of us on to talk about cults and what to be looking for in jobs you work and groups you join, even on the left and even in supposedly anarchist spaces. Moreover, we’re still being sued by The Satanic Temple in state and […]

May 12, 2023

Queer Satanic's satanic antifascism logo (white inverted pentacle over a three arrows with gay pride colors) and Sabot Media's Molotov Now! header (text and in silhouette, black cat and statue of liberty throwing a lite molotov cocktail) + "Episode 6: Interview with Queer Satanic"

Cults, Lawsuits

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To Shame the Devil: Satanic Temple’s Lawsuit Against Ex-Members Fails Again

Federal judge in Washington State dismisses Salem, Mass., corp’s SLAPP suit for the second time [Read as PDF] Seattle, Wash. — For the second time in nearly three years of litigation, a federal district court in Washington State dismissed all claims made by The Satanic Temple against four of its former members. The Court found […]

January 6, 2023

Lawsuits, The Satanic Temple

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Dixieland of the Proletariat EP: 66 “Hail Satan” w/Queer Satanic Heretics

Our friends at Dixie Prole had us on to talk about how modern Satanism has been rife with fascism and reaction throughout its history, but how it didn’t and doesn’t have to be that way.

February 15, 2022

Dixieland of the Proletarian and Queer Satanic Antifascism logos

Lawsuits, The Satanic Temple

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