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June 21, 2024

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Secular Student Alliance supports ASS clubs

The Satanic Temple’s After School Satan Club Partners with Secular Student Alliance om Little Rock, Arkansas

Louisiana 10 Commandments school bill signed into law

Republican governor says he welcomes lawsuits over new school requirements; ACLU announces suit

TST New Jersey leaves

Another local congregation has apparently gone independent

On June 19, u/thors_mjoliner announced on Reddit that The Satanic Temple’s New Jersey group had voted to separate from the national org.

[TSTNJ] Had voted to leave the label behind and move forward. The announcement email was a censored picture of the baphomet getting teabagged.

Shortly after, a Google Doc of the text (and “teabagging” photo) also began to circulate more widely.

This is very similar to what TST Nevada did as part of their announcement they were separating from the national org. As we said then:

A decade-plus on, and TST no longer can honestly call itself an insurgent force, however much mainstream media finds that narrative comfortable.

Newly ex-Satanic Temple figure criticizes it as a cult

Doug Misicko confirms that all purged ministers are permabanned from TST at all levels

When people break from The Satanic Temple, some of them break in a forlorn way, wishing TST and its missions all the best. But others suddenly have a new clarity they feel compelled to share with everyone else. Tim Leviathan of Dallas-Fort Worth is in the latter camp, as he explained in a Facebook post.

Note, though, that to actually revoke your membership you ought to use this link, and you may even need to send an email to specifying “Please remove my name and data from ALL your records”

“Defrocked” minister shares his story

Most of TST internal departments gone or on skeleton crew, per unknown defrocked minister on TST Subreddit

byu/WiteKngt from discussion

TheSatanicTemple.TV a.k.a. Cinephobia, LLC, is a private for-profit corporation

Former TST DFW and Satanists of Color Coalition chair Soona clarifies about TST TV being separate from all the other stuff

Previously, we covered Citlali Soona leaving TST in a loud way. This week, she went out of her

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