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June 28, 2024

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The Satanic Panic is still alive in Idaho

Sheriff’s office arrests man on child pornography charges, specifies he’s a TST member, then removes it

TST takes credit for another unrelated case in Oklahoma

Republican AG’s challenge of religious charter schools validated by state Supreme Court but it didn’t involve Satanic Temple

If you are someone who is on The Satanic Temple’s press release list, you are almost certainly getting net negative information from them.

"TST claims victory in Oklahoma", citing fears of satanic schools, Oklahoma AG praises court ruling blocking religious charter schools.
June 26, 2024, newsletter email from TST

The news article by the Washington Post quotes Oklahoma Attorney Gentner Drummond who had been the one opposing the nation’s first taxpayer-funded, state-sponsored religious public charter school in his state.

Current press release:

So, there’s something there, but the victory lap The Satanic Temple took about this is a bit of a stretch given just how many other religious traditions and business cults the attorney general name-dropped earlier in the year to explain his opposition.

TST is one of those examples Drummond gives, but the “Church of Satan” would have worked just as well if he needed to bring up Satanists, and he started off with open hostility to Islam, as well.

Unsurprisingly (and mercifully), beyond those press release statements, TST doesn’t appear to have come up in the case itself at all.

Majority opinion:

TST pushes its new merch off promises of offering credits in Okla. schools

Oklahoma will be the first state to offer school credit for The Satanic Temple’s religious and morality classes

Less important than whether there actually is an Oklahoma chapter/congregation anymore, or if any real action will take place to follow through on it, the point is that TST co-owner Cevin Soling’s hatred of public schools not only gets another opportunity to express itself, he gets to make a buck of it at the same time.

The credits may never actually materialize, because that would involve real work, but TST will definitely take the money of any rubes who want to pay them.

Doug Misicko’s anti-Satanic Panic pet project in disarray

Grey Faction head Evan Anderson publicly resigns

Many key figures and whole organizations have dropped out of The Satanic Temple following Doug “Lucien Greaves” Misicko’s recent turn into more open authoritarian and demands for slavish devotion above all else. That continued this week as well but this time it involved one of Misicko’s longtime and favorite projects, arguably his entire reason for starting this whole thing back in 2012. At least, that was what he was willing to admit while Cevin Soling was paying Misicko’s friend Shane Bugbee to promote them in Vice.

However, since 2018, this project has been led by Evan Anderson, and that ended this week.

Amy Ramos’ statement is even more blatant in calling what has happened a witch hunt.

And just for fun, people were sharing this relevant new caption for an ancient meme around.

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