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May 31, 2024

The New Heretics Stream (5/31/24)

[INFORMED DISSENT] The Satanic Temple Inc. v. Newsweek Magazine LLC

TST’s own evidence reveals how poor its reaction to sexual abuse claims are

The Satanic Temple has been suing Newsweek since 2022 over a critical article the magazine published in October 2021 focusing on TST’s SLAPP action against the four of us that also quoted a few other former members who all independently echoed some of the same complaints.

We talked about dueling summary judgment motions a few weeks back where the last issue to be resolved is whether The Satanic Temple is a public figure (it definitionally is) and whether “accounts of sexual abuse being covered up that were more than anecdotal” was defamatory to quote someone about (again, pretty definitionally, no, that’s just part of reporting, especially given all that has been revealed in discovery).

Mainly, we focused on how TST revealed that it had spent more than $43,000 on “crisis management” firms, including at least $25,000 on the same guy who helped the Catholic Church deal with its child sexual abuse scandal.

However, this week The Satanic Temple released even more damning evidence about itself, seemingly without any ability to recognize what it was doing. We’ve long said that when TST sycophants tell you to “report things the right way” or “go through the proper channels”, it’s because TST controls those channels and can stonewall or ignore you; we didn’t think TST would go out and just put it into the federal court record on their own.

As background, someone tried to notify The Satanic Temple about inappropriate and unwanted sexual behavior in their local chapter in San Jose, Calif., back in 2017. Because it involved the local leadership, the person tried to let TST know at the national level in order to do something about it.

We included the full exchange in an article.

But if you have ever wondered how The Satanic Temple talks about its people at the highest levels, including when they bring legitimate complaints about the way people are being treated in the organization, look no further than David Moses, otherwise known as “Kym LaRoux”, who was part of the Atlanta group and all-in on their work until being expelled himself a few years ago.

TST has done worse things, but please read this for yourself:

At least she gave us what we would need to show how unstable she is if she does decide to go to the press.”

If we were to tell Satanic Temple sycophants that this is the way TST treats sexual harassment claims coming to them, they’d call it defamation. But no, this is just what TST puts into the public court record about itself on its own.

Later that same year, numerous local groups in other places, fed up with the way the “National Council” approached all sorts of problems decided to break away at the same time, the first of many schisms in The Satanic Temple and the one called “The Shittening” by those who remained, most of whom are now gone themselves.

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[PERMANENT SHITTENING] Guest interview with former TST member

A walk down memory lane with someone who was part of 2018 schism

Piper Furiosa, who left The Satanic Temple’s Dallas-Fort Worth local group six years ago (“TST DFW 1.0”, they call it) joined us for some conversation about how this has all gone done in the past as well as some of the red flags and best practices for people looking to jump right into another Satanic group after leaving TST.

In short, probably give yourself some space, and make sure you aren’t repeating the same structural mistakes as before.

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[PERMANENT SHITTENING] Ongoing recap of TST’s Memegate 2024 schism

More congregations leave as TST tries to rebuild as if nothing happened

While the fallout from “Mr. Greaves” Doug Misicko continues to on unabated, May 31 marks the end of the month and three full weeks since the inciting incident May 10 happened: Misicko firing a longtime and well-liked Canadian TST minister via email over some memes that were insufficiently deferential to “Mr. Greaves”.

We tracked all of the major groups and figures who announced their departure up to that cutoff, as well as the public and semi-public statements made by Misicko and “the Executive Ministry”.

We will try to keep people updated separately while there are still new events, but for the most part, that article is now a historical document.

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