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June 14, 2024

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[INFORMED DISSENT] Satanic Temple, Inc. v. Todd Rokita

TST answers state in Indiana abortion-ban appeal

In the Seventh Circuit, The Satanic Temple’s business lawyer W. James MacNaughton continues to try to find compelling arguments that can reverse TST’s loss at federal district court.

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[INFORMED DISSENT] The Satanic Temple, Inc., et al v. Young et al

“Ann Doe II” abortion-ban challenge in Texas ends

The Temple’s state-level abortion case appears to have ended after no activity in two years.

As of December 2023, we had confirmed there was no further action on the docket since a June 2022 filing about an attorney vacation. However, this week, it seems like the Travis County District Court finally closed the book on it entirely.

…Or that’s what we would say if it were true.

Screenshot from Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey portal Case No. D-1-GN-22-000560

Now, there still has been no movement in the case in more than two years, but nothing final has actually happened here.

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[INFORMED DISSENT] The Satanic Temple, Inc. v. Shelby County Board of Education

FFRF lawsuit against Kentucky school district appears headed for settlement

School District is asking for yet another extension, but this time “parties are confident this matter will be resolved but need additional time to finalize resolution.”

Pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 6, Defendant Shelby County Board of Education (“School
Board”) moves the Court for an Order extending the time for the School Board to respond to
Plaintiff’s Complaint served on March 26, 2024. The School Board’s response is currently due
June 14, 2024. [DE 19]. The parties are confident this matter will be resolved but need additional
time to finalize resolution. For these reasons, the School Board respectfully requests an additional
extension of time to respond to Plaintiff’s Complaint. Pursuant to Local Rule 7.2(a)(1)(B), counsel
for Defendant consulted with Plaintiff’s counsel, and Plaintiff agrees to an additional extension of
the response deadline to Friday, July 5, 2024.
Extend Deadline — Document #20

It looks like this case will end on terms that are favorable for The Satanic Temple — which in one way does prove that their strategy can work. On the other hand, it’s yet more evidence that for all of the shortcomings of TST’s strategy to fundamentally challenge Christian Nationalism, what’s really to blame for their court failures is not that they’re Satanists getting mistreated by corrupt judges everywhere but that The Satanic Temple is really bad at court cases.

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[WE LIVE IN HELL] Update to accused anti-Satanist bomber

Oklahoma man accused in pipe bomb attack of TST’s Salem HQ pleads not guilty

Associated Press: Man pleads not guilty in pipe bomb attack on Massachusetts group Satanic Temple

Not much new news here. Guy has pleads “not guilty” as expected, is unable to afford counsel so one is getting appointed, and Initial Status Conference set for 7/30/2024.

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[SNAKE OIL] Secular org to throw in support for TST’s children’s club

The Satanic Temple’s After School Satan Club Partners with Secular Student Alliance

“June Everett” is openly friendly with Satanic Colorado but also still serving as TST spokesperson for ASS clubs; however, this is possibly because the Temple’s press release is quoting SSA’s press release from May 23, while Satanic Colorado was still part of TST.

Things are so murky within the Temple at the moment that it’s really hard to get a read on who is still left that has any official positions anymore outside of the small circle that is completely and unendingly sycophantic.

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[PERMANENT SHITTENING] Ongoing recap of TST’s Memegate 2024 schism

TST DFW 2.0 votes to leave, Elder Mahakla resigns, Dex/Chalice make a fake announcement

Permanent Shittening is Permanent.

First, “Citlali Soona” who had already announced on June 6 that the Satanists of Color Coalition had disbanded following its coordinator (and one of its few remaining members) getting summarily “defrocked” as a TST minister. A few days later, the whole Dallas-Fort Worth group as a whole voted to leave.

The same day (June 9), the person hand-picked to step up and be liaison between TST’s owners and its “Ministry” program announced that he wasn’t willing to do that, either.

His Facebook profile lists out all his previous titles:

  • Facilitator at TST Sober Faction
  • Minister of Satan at The Satanic Temple Southern California
  • Minister of Satan at Satanic Ministry
  • Ordination Council at Satanic Ministry
  • Executive Ministry Liaison at The Satanic Temple

And then Dex Desjardins and Chalice Blythe had announced they would talk about their time in The Satanic Temple, and instead did what should be expected of them: Desjardins and Blythe mocked and minimized previous people who had used Medium as an accessible place to share their own stories and be heard.

Because they are awful people who facilitated years of abuse and awful behavior up until they were personally insulted.

Screenshot of Medium article by "Dex & Chalice" that just says "Deez nuts"

They will try to have lives after this and pretend that TST and its worst elements have nothing to do with them, but no one should ever let them forget what they did for years in that horrible organization, and they should find no peace anywhere.

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[PERMANENT SHITTENING] Guest interview with ex-TST Minister

Astra of House of Heretics in Washington State explains why they left TST WA

Our conversation with another former member of The Satanic Temple’s Washington Chapter, this one who arrived after 2020 and did actually split off as part of forming a local satanic group without ties to Salem.

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